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Author: Richard

Health Kick: Month Three

Weight went from 228.2 to 222.6, -5.6 lbs. Body fat 63.5 to 59.4, -4.1. Fine, but under my target desire of losing 6 pounds of fat/month. I am still, by the measurements of BMI, just over 30.0, obese. However, I am half-way to the goal of 195.

The highlight of the month was a twenty mile run, the preparation for the LA Marathon March 15th. No land speed records were set, but I felt good during it, and that I could have gone further. Like the 16 mile peak in January I didn’t really re-fuel mid run and there was not much water along the course. My body feels like it is in the middle of re-composition. I look better, and compliments are rolling in from people I had not seen since November. I felt proud waking early Sunday morning to do it.

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The Closer

One of the glories of baseball is that at any moment in October some unsung roster scrap can be possessed by fate and take over a series. The Giants’ 2010 and 2012 playoff runs benefited from such unpredictable surges. Aubrey Huff, Cody Ross and Marco Scutaro shone most brightly in the twilight of previous runs then faded away; Barry Zito packed the value of his entire seven year contract into a couple of clutch October games.