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A Favorite Scene

If I really want to think I find it better to go a park away from home. Less temptation to return to some form of work, fewer feelings inscribed on the mind from something commonplace in current life.

The park away from home is a park that used to be the park close to home. The highest point of Schenley Park, The Meadow.

This picture doesn’t capture the steepness of the hill in the foreground. (Neither does it capture the relief of the park goers, delighted to finally have a warm day.)

It might be entitled “Grant Street” which is the address of most of the downtown buildings in the distance. The two tallest buildings, UPMC Tower & BNY Mellon, always look so much further apart from this roughly five mile away view than they do next to one another downtown.

Perhaps that’s a good allegory for problem solving at a distance.

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