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Birthday Horoscopes

Turning 47 today. I have not been big on birthdays since, oh, the 21st. Some Christian sects are not big on birthday celebrations either. Jesus gets a pretty big shebang for his birth, but there’s no anniversary of his birth in the Bible. Only the Pharaoh and Herod celebrate the anniversary of their birth, and in general doing so was regarded as a pagan custom. (Side note: when did birthdays get widely celebrated? Had your Saints’ Day been more memorable to pre-literate medieval communities?)

What are the pagans offering up for us Sagittarians today? Of surely the thousands of forecasts, I’ll rely on those with the foresight to get some valuable internet real estate: “DEC 2, 2018: Your finances are becoming a bigger issue in your life right now, and conservation should be a high priority starting now. There’s no need to drastically change your lifestyle, but a few nips and tucks here and there might be a good idea. Go for the tall coffee, not the grande; brown bag it for lunch for one week, and consider that public transportation may not be so bad after all. Tiny changes will give you new experiences while they help your wallet, so check them out!” “Dec 2, 2018 – Someone you’ve known for a long time may move away or otherwise vanish from your life. He or she may move to a distant state. You’ll probably stay in touch by phone or email, but it will never be the same, at least not for a long time. You will feel better if you meet some new people. They will come your way today, possibly through humanitarian group activities.” “12.2.18: Although the accommodating Libra Moon prompts us to cater to other people’s needs, we’re likely to express what we want with intense passion. Emotions run extreme as sensual Venus sinks into stormy Scorpio. Trickster Mercury misaligns with wild Uranus, complicating communication by adding uncertainty in conversations. Nevertheless, a combative Sun-Mars square could hijack the day by triggering unnecessary friction unless we process our feelings.”

Without a good consensus from the authorities, I’m left to make up life as I go along.

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