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Health Kick: Month Three

Weight went from 228.2 to 222.6, -5.6 lbs. Body fat 63.5 to 59.4, -4.1. Fine, but under my target desire of losing 6 pounds of fat/month. I am still, by the measurements of BMI, just over 30.0, obese. However, I am half-way to the goal of 195.

The highlight of the month was a twenty mile run, the preparation for the LA Marathon March 15th. No land speed records were set, but I felt good during it, and that I could have gone further. Like the 16 mile peak in January I didn’t really re-fuel mid run and there was not much water along the course. My body feels like it is in the middle of re-composition. I look better, and compliments are rolling in from people I had not seen since November. I felt proud waking early Sunday morning to do it.

2015-02-22 10.30.16