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Day 50 of Waking Up with Sam Harris

It’s probably five days more than fifty to go from start to finish, but I’ve very much enjoyed the Waking Up Course with Sam Harris.

The progression of fifty lessons doesn’t move at a typical mobile app pace. There aren’t bursts of color for leveling up, sounds are minimal, and the interface makes you dig instead of addicted. (For example, for any new “lessons” which are stand alone from the daily meditation.)

Doing this in ten minute chunks has made the project viable, more so than many sustained self-improvement efforts I’ve attempted. After the fifty days of planned guided meditations, a daily lesson is offered, and the one for today was just as good and polished as any of the previous fifty. I’m a little curious about the separation. Are days beyond 50 not particularly ordered?

Harris says from daily lesson 15 on one can revisit the exercises, which are roughly divided into two classes: focusing on something (usually the breath) and letting go entirely, expanding the width of consciousness. From lesson 40 on the increased emphasis is one found in one of the lessons: look for the thinker.

I have found myself more calm and dispassionate, maybe even more empathetic than starting the program. There’s still work to do.

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