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Food: The Three Levers

Peter Attia has put together an interesting visualization of “three levels” to healthy eating in his blog: they are calorie restriction, time restriction, and dietary restriction

Peter Attia’s Three Levers to Pull

Most Americans are on “unlimited meals a day” and bad ones at that. The leverage of these levers in my experience is they work together well. If I’ve been on Keto (DR), I can restrict the timing better (TR), and even the CR.

I think that’s the right order to get the maximum synergy. One carb laden meal is going to trigger the wish for more in a way a steak does not. E.g., I had six of twelve days alternating fasting (save for cream with coffee) and stayed pretty ketogenic otherwise. But one big carb load I permitted myself after a workout…and the next few days this framework was shot. By contrast, when I’ve had a keto Saturday and Sunday, then stopping eating at 1 pm Sunday I didn’t even think of needing to eat (well, very much) until 4 pm today.

There are intense partisans on each of these three levers, I think understanding them working together with his urging to pull as many of them simultaneously, is enormously helpful.

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