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Gamifying Small Wins

B.J. Fogg had a summary of his thinking on Tiny Habits (the philosophical parent of Atomic Habits) in the Wall Street Journal this weekend. The three-fold plan: 1) motivation 2) smallness 3) celebrate small wins. Repetition comes from this, not vice-versa.

The game industry has known all this, in particular parts 2 & 3, for a long time. Virtually every game makes it very easy to get ahead on your first level. It is then celebrated.

Levels become progressively more difficult to achieve.

Life doesn’t have as clean of a rule set but perhaps one method of goal realization would be small wins accumulating small amounts of a personal “virtual currency” that can be spent on a set of goals.

That would be more in line with Fogg’s research than massive year-long goals with a singular huge reward.

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