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The war on Christmas is losing badly on at least one front: luminaria.

The Kains returned to Pittsburgh three years and one day ago, on Christmas Eve. Just in time to see luminaria all over our host’s streets. I don’t remember this from my childhood in Pittsburgh, nor much of it anywhere else in childhood or in California. Even in three years, I think luminaria are on the rise. Yesternight was quite a show, for blocks all around.

Electronic Christmas lights are a welcome respite from the seasonal glum weather, but lend themselves too easily to gaudy overwrought installations. The primal appeal of fire than electric currents is unlikely to be overcome for many generations.

Luminaria on more nights would be very welcome. The origins even may have been in a nine day festival: Las Posadas. That has its origins as an Atzec celebration of the December birth of Huitzilopochtli. He is their God of war, sacrifice and sun. Still another deity of light born in the depths of December. The fire is a sacrifice to him – perhaps on top of the human sacrifices as well.

Happy belated birthday Huitzilopochti!

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