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Miscellaneous Links for November 16: Proof of what we already know

In the wake of Sokal Prank 2.0, Andrew Bade in Quillette has a systemic dismantling of the use of high-falutin’ vocabulary that is a must-read. Even font choices can reduce an audience impression of an author. (Discussed Juice ITC v. Times New Roman. Would be interesting to test non-obvious cases like TNR v. Ariel. Do book publishers do this?) Bade among other places revisits a 2005 work of Daniel Oppenheimer, “Consequences of Erudite Vernacular Utilized Irrespective of Necessity: Problems with Using Long Words Needlessly”. Practical tips on how not to fluff up your vocabulary? Try Seth Godin’s Get your memo read

Kelly Crow’s WSJ article “The Surprising Formula for Becoming an Art Star” is not too surprising: get into good galleries, then you’ll get into good museums, but also cites academic work to prove even artists need to network. Analogs in the game industry falter — do firms who are best indie selections at GDC in one year the powerhouses of the future? But you still need to be at GDC.

Nvidia is plummeting today on less-than-expected earnings. Any mature investor knows that the stock price of good companies can get ahead of themselves. Nvidia was certainly high on the crypto hype cycle. But their lead/moat in one of the key technologies of the 21st century is going to be hard to surmount. This is a buying opportunity (finally.)

Update: CNBC covered the analyst coverage of the miss. UBS has the best long term view in the snippets: “It is debatable how much gaming will snap back and when, but inventory resets like this often present buying opportunities – all else equal.” Others think CES will be the next catalyst. To enter the position it probably is right not to wait while it’s dead money for a bit — a snapback is unlikely, but hard not to nibble now.

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