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More Like than Unlike

It is natural to spot differences, to emphasize them.

It is almost uncomfortable the more one deeply considers that we are more like whatever we are comparing ourselves against than unlike. Persons, organizations…maybe even species.

We know we’re close to gorillas and chimps genetically. We may share even 90 of our genes with cats. How much harder is it to really make one firm different than another in the same sector…especially when employees typically cross-fertilize the orgs?

Or should that be easier, since we can architect choices ex nihilo? The choices often join us closer. Staying close to the pack…often following the leader. I am not looking for an Episcopal boarding school for our child — I’ve done my time as a crucifer — but it’s hard not to have wistful feelings that all of them have eschewed the tradition virtually completely.

Which leads to another question – how long can your choices for an organization last, against macro tides? What would the founders of St. Insert-Saints-Name-Here School have thought if they realized that in barely over a hundred years later what they would have considered their essential work is gone.

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