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On Having No Lines

Our theatre-afficiando daughter was cast in another play today and had her first read through of the script. We knew going in she’d be part of the ensemble, and the last play with the same company there were only a handful of lines. Was this a step back? It is a lot of driving to practice – nearly every weekday, for just over a month.

Cut or continue?

It is a professional if small, regional theatre company and she is the youngest cast member. The training daily does have good theatre exercises, which she’s very much enjoyed. She’s still disappointed…and there is an opportunity cost. Could she be working on her YouTube channel instead, for example, really learning how to edit.

Trying to write this out however reveals the best course, she needs to continue. The sheer additional time on stage, and credibility with the theatre company should pay off. It’s hard to know how many dues there are to pay.

Every complaint should be maximized into an opportunity.

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