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Postmodern Jukebox

My birthday present from Erica is tickets for us to go to a Postmodern Jukebox performance soon. I’m normally not a big fan of cover bands, but the coating of nostalgia that Scott Bradley’s YouTube sensation provides to otherwise tired hits is consistently great. Often better than the originals.


Dancing in the Dark
The saccharine melody of Celine Dion’s overwrought hit turned into joyous fuel

The features with “The Sole Sisters” has initiated interest in tap dance.

The Dolls come to life – Sexy or Robotic? You decide, but even adaptations not far from the original resonate.

Scott Bradley’s work has some recurring perfomers good enough to ignite an interest in their underlying art. Exhibit A: The Sole Sisters tapdancing

Bad Romance, not taking itself too seriously

Almost too self-aware but still so fun: Star Wars Tap Dance:

When the gap between original and chosen genre is more than 40 years – surely the hardest artistic feat, Bradley really shows his conversion chops:

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