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Product Manage for the Customers that Already Care

There are two large publishers on Woovit. Both give a lot of suggestions. One is putting up a ton of offers, and adding ever-more people. Another keeps giving ideas, and wants to hear more and have meetings.

It’s not intuitively obvious which requests between them to prioritize. The relatively less active organization – if their needs were met would they become more active? The other org is already growing with functions as they are.

The specificity of the former organization is very high, and the communication costs are low. The specificity of the latter org is low, and communication costs are high. I don’t think product managers incorporate communication costs into the weighting of product feature design. At least I do not.

With Bolo, I was never able to build a feature, even when specifically requested, that could move a prospect onto the platform. That is a lesson in Startup 101, I realized too late. Someone already on, and partially invested – well perhaps that’s just good sales, and they’re really more like the customer not on than the one on.

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