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Seth Godin on Streaks & The Habits App

I shared another Seth Godin blog post with coworkers earlier this week. I said the over/under for such references for the year was 15. If you add personal references that bet is an easy over.

His post Falling behind vs. streaks made a huge impression on me. Highlights

Fear of falling behind is a good way to enforce compliance.

But it turns out that real progress comes not from measuring ourselves against everyone else’s pace, but in building habits. And habits come from streaks….

Show up every day. Do the work, return tomorrow.

Drip by drip, day by day. Habits lead to commitments and commitments create learning.

I have started to use the “Loop Habit Tracker“, or as it will appear on your phone, “Habits”. It is simple and fabulous and ad free:

Perhaps the best part of it is the donuts to the left, the score of the habit using “exponential smoothing”: the most recent days are the most important, but every day counts.

I look forward to checking off the blog post checkbox today…

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