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Twitch Language Learning

I’m not going to have mission creep already on 2019 goals, but if I did, one would be “learn French via Red Dead Redemption 2”

There was something even more visceral about wanting to learn exactly what “la dette” is. (“Debt”) — but still wanted to think through does this really mean debt? Letter of credit?

There are small flubs that I’d see using Google translate on the conversations in the Twitch sidebar:

I remember enough French that “J’ai mal” is I have an illness…a curious omission for Google Translate.

I found this tremendously engaging, a possibly better way than marching through Duolingo French again — an online version of the Nassim Taleb injunctions to learn languages through sheer immersion. How much better would every High School French class be for the vast majority of mid-level students if they were plunked down and told “look up everything you don’t know.”

I got a nice verbal greeting from Scuuuuze – I wanted to be able to reply, I felt much more incentivized. No particular need to pay to have French conversation, you can filter on Twitch, and follow along.

If I finish a few goals and get RDR2 itself maybe I’ll set it to French.

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