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Two Clownshows

Two branches of government did not shower themselves in glory on Tuesday. 

Count the number of times “Wall” is said. Count the number of times Pence speaks

The House Judiciary Committee Republicans (maybe) outdid Trump with fatuous questions

Republicans in the second video show the depth of intellectual corruption in the Trump era. Kevin McCarthy, the third ranking Republican leader, embarrassing himself nearly as badly as Trump does above, simply because he is capable of more. Their understanding of Google and YouTube is barely above Nasim Najafi Aghdam’s

Google’s role in society is a serious issue suitable for legislative review. Yet the soon to be minority party in the House beclowns itself by chasing a ghost. This ghost is felt to be real by the ever-more conspiratorial base of the Republican party which becomes sadly self-reinforcing.

If all the retiring or losing Republicans on this committee believed slightly in these propositions, and in the free market, they could start a search engine to seize the enormous opportunity they’ve outlined.

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