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Sorry I didn’t get back to you, Don

I’ve somehow escaped most new fangled political communication: the text message blast. That changed Saturday after I allegedly failed to respond to my good friend Don’s last few emails:

Donald Trump Jr. Spam Text Message

Though not unusual for anything associated with Trump, this is replete with lies. In fact, each sentence is a lie. It’s not Donald Trump Jr. texting me. He didn’t email four times. It’s not my LAST CHANCE, caps or not. It’s not even a deadline for…really anything, save some self-imposed purported deadline TONIGHT. In fact, the next day, the offer still seemed to be good:

Next day website from the RCCC still showing a 5X match offer even though the "countdown has ended"

Let’s even assume there is a known amount of fudging in fundraiser emails, or in communication more generally. What part of this are we supposed to believe? Worse, what if people really are doing this? If the algorithm is spitting back the suggestion to try an ever-wider range of people with this message?

I considered the trend of letters from a candidate’s wife to be a diminution of the political process. Here the wife of the candidate would vouch for just what a non-monster their husband is, usually to other women. That seems a credibility bridge too much for Trump to even try to cross: “Hey, it’s Melania. I just wanted to share how sweet it was to see Mr. Trump playing with Barron the other day…”

There is a second order effect still going on for the Trump wives: Lara Trump, wife of the comparatively unfavored Eric Trump is showing up as a keynote speaker at Republican Party functions, including those in Pennsylvania. In the order of succession with Don’s first wife out of the picture and Melania out of plausible contention, she is next in line. Think of just how far removed she genuinely is from any sense of power, and in turn how far the cult of personality must run for her to be a plausible speaker. Of course, she may be heading a Coronavirus Task force sometime soon.

In the Don Jr. v. Ivana sweepstakes to run the family business of the Republican Party after daddy is gone, Don is in the lead. Ivana has hedged too often, a virtual non-entity on Fox broadcasts. What does their mother who they are never photographed with think?

Perhaps women are getting Ivana texts. Do they lie with the same completeness?

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