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Two Viruses

Yes, Coronavirus is spreading, and people have a hard time understanding exponential growth. Mark Suster tweeted the following video from 3Blue1Brown which gives an excellent, mathematically competent intro to exponents and early particulars of Coronavirus.

It is further very disturbing that in a public health crisis, the president of the United States is an imbecile and deliberately obtuse.

However, unlike the Spanish Flu where Woodrow Wilson was more concerned about the war and his re-election just as Trump is his, there is another virus for the connected world, the idea virus.

In this case, there are ideas that are moving faster than a pathogen can:

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Practice more Social Isolation

Panic is necessary to the solution, if one is needed. These ideas can help contain a virus in ways governments and centrallzed information gathering of the past could not.

Where government is playing a tremendously negative impact is keeping schools open. Why are private schools shutting events and public schools not? Public schools are getting funding for attendance. This is compulsion to override our ability to more quickly hit an inflection point. State Legislatures need to give an exemption to that funding formulas.

Nothing to fear but fear itself may be therapeutic, and turn the inflection point around. The more severe immediate social distancing is now, the greater the impact.

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