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21 Republican Attorneys General…

Today released a letter on behalf of the president’s impeachment defense. In summary: This is all a difference of opinion, not abuse of power (which if it was, can’t really be defined.) To have any impeachment is to _undo_ an election, they claim.

Like Doug Collins’ and Mike Pence’s Wall Street Journal Opeds it is of comically poor construction. Republican Senators’ knees have buckled under the line of fine. These are all federal officials however. Now state level AGs have are being whipped to put their reputation on the line?

State AGs by Party Affiliation, January 2020 Map from Wikipedia

There are 26 total GOP AGs. Who had the guts to NOT sign this abomination?

Arizona: Mark Brnovich

Idaho: Lawrence Wasden

New Hampshire: Gordon MacDonald

North Dakota: Wayne Stenehjem

Wyoming: Bridget Hill

Lot stopped negotiating with God when 10 righteous people couldn’t be found to save the city. Could 5 righteous AGs save the party? A thin reed to stand on — four of them are from very small states — but I’m still looking.

I’ll be a bitter-ender: Weld for President!

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