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Boarding Schools’ Endowment Per Student appears to be a reliable inventory of data on boarding schools in the United States. Their measure of Endowment per student however they just group into cohorts.

Here is a chart of individual data points of some of the most prestigious ones.

It seems ridiculous that any student at any of these schools could exhaust their resources, even at the lower end of this scale. The marginal differences are in some ways laughable. Is it really worth it to spend a gazillion dollars on a new track?

It was a notch surprising to me to see St. Paul’s lead the pack. Groton is the most remarkable achievement given their much smaller scale. Andover and Exeter as two of the largest schools mask the scale their resources generate.

Will the curve between the first and twentieth school steepen over time, even if educational outcomes flatten? What kind of endowment does one need any more to learn something via Duolingo & other online resources? Or is the advantage of having your own observatory something that gives a student interested in Astronomy a certain [natch] escape velocity?

I don’t have good hypotheses yet but thought this might be interesting to revisit many years down the pike.

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