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Et, tu Brutus, part ??

Romney showed courage in his guilty vote…but on only one of two counts. The second count, obstruction of justice, seems even more clear and fundamental. It is a strange equivocation that will win no friends. Still, thank you, Mitt.

Meanwhile, the beclowning of the party continues. Jeff Sessions is giving Ted Cruz a run for his money as most-humiliated man to still grovel for Trump.

The path to power might be paved with indignity? OK. What is the elder stateman retirement home made of? While the 2012 GOP nominee showed a single fixed point of guts to maybe, one day rebuild the party from, what is the 1996 nominee, the 1976 vice presidential nominee up to?

The whole Trump phenomena is explicable. The hive collapse of an entire party, subjecting itself to this ritual humiliation, is not.

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