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If You’ve Got an Edge, Take More Shots

There was a good blog post from Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint a few days ago regarding pressing advantages. The essential point: basketball teams that have a good shooting percentage are best served by having a large number of possessions, by speeding up the game. Basketball is zero sum of course, but the startup (or self-improvement) analogies are clear.

Take more shots in the area where you have an advantage. This seems obvious, but in reality few practice it.

To put another way, there is a risk more energy is spent evaluating shots than taking them. A TriplePoint staffer had a brilliant idea yesterday – just spent $99 dollars to do it, cleared it given how usual it was, and just made it happen. It felt risky on the outside, but knowing she was trusted to take shots enabled her to just do it (as well as having a credit card – all TriplePoint staff do. This reduces friction.)

I’d link to this story, which I first saw in feedly, but has evaporated from both there and his blog. I didn’t get a reply on twitter either but will add it if it resurfaces.

UPDATE Feb 13 – the article has resurfaced.

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