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Romney-Ryan & Major Party Presidential Ticket Name Analysis


Romney-Ryan 2012 was an inspired choice.  It invites a holy barrage of mediscare tactics that will jeopardize a minimum Florida, Ohio & Pennsylvania.  But if the GOP is to effectively govern the country and give a slim chance of reversing the debt bomb, this is the ticket.

It also happens to be the first major party ticket whose first letters of the last names are the same since…Buchanan-Breckinridge.  (For those of you not John Breckinridge trivia buffs, he was the youngest vice president, at the tender age of 35.)  The emphasis on the B in “Obama” (not to mention the first name “Barak” alongside Biden also makes this close to an alliterative war we’ve had in presidential races.

Choosing candidates with the last name of “R” tends to work well for the Republicans: among the 40 Presidential tickets since 1856,  Reagan and Roosevelt were the only members of the ticket with the last name that begins with R.  Democrats who begin with a “D” do not fare as well: Douglas lost in 1860, John Davis lost in 1924, though Polk-Dallas won in 1848.  (Federalists had no “F” candidates, nor Whig “W” candidates.)


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