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Thesis – Antithesis

Sanders has smashed his opponents in Nevada tonight. He is the winner now in three straight Democratic primaries/caucuses and appears to be cruising to the nomination.

Amy Klobuchar doesn’t beclown herself on a regular basis. She is a normal Democrat, the Hillary Clinton you wanted to have in 2016…and yet she appears on track for less than 5% in a “diverse” aka socialist state. So much for normalcy.

History is first tragedy then farce. Trump then Sanders.

The action invites the re-action. In the two party system is it customary to have each nominee be equally as far from the center as their opponent? On both the axis of temperament as well as policy? An intriguing thesis…If this is really Trump v. Sanders, are they each as far from the center as Bush/Dukakis, Reagan/Canter, Kennedy/Nixon, Eisenhower/Stevenson, even Obama/McCain. Each was as far from center on a number of axises as their opponent.

So now what? Politics is simply entertainment of the partisans? Sanders and Trump are dualistic poles re-affirming the yin and yang of the universe?

Count me out. Romney…Hickenlooper (?) unity independent ticket where are you?

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    • Richard Richard

      If it’s between him and Bernie, MAGA!

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