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The Editors Podcast 193: Why the GOP Couldn’t Come Together

The extraordinary turnaround and coalescence of the Democratic party…in one week!..around Joe Biden was the feature topic obviously on an entertaining The Editors Podcast 193.

Notes from it:

Jim Geraghty shared a crucial two part observation. Maybe more heavily in the air at the time, but almost forgotten now. 1) The elder statesmen of the GOP in 2016 were…the brother and father of one of the candidates, and not particularly popular in themselves. By contrast the current elder stateman of the Democratic party is still popular in his party. 2) Ted Cruz was not liked, and Joe Biden is widely liked.

Their announcement uncritical enthusiasm for Elizabeth Warren among the media versus the popular reception also stood out for me. They also suggested, Overton-window moving aside, Bernie Sanders going more “woke” on social issues than he was in 2016 made him less interesting.

The podcast featured a number of entertaining gems. Notably Charlie Cooke suggesting American Samoa should be given to Mike Bloomberg as a consolation prize, which he could run as a dictator!

The engaging manner of all the revolving participants now puts it a solid #2 to GLoP as my favorite current political podcast.

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