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Barbara Bosworth at the Addison Gallery of Art

I was fortunate to wander into the final days of From Starfield to MARS: Paul Manship and His Artistic Legacy at the Addison Gallery of Art on Phillips Andover’s campus.

Manship’s virtuoso sculptures of Artemis and Achteon are the deserved centerpieces of the exhibit.

Not to be missed however was the effect in the far room, transposing a number of time-lapse photographs of stars moving through the night. The starkness of time-lapse stars renders a different effect than I suspect mere comets would. These are arranged together, at differing angles which already tests the viewer’s perception.

This generates a comfortable head nod, a visual play and good use of space in an exhibition. The effect however’s finale is when you turn to the oppose wall. Two views, from earth. One of a landscape in a clear sky. The other, a time lapse again of a star (this time, our sun) moving across both the sky and reflected in the pond below.

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