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No Twitter November

Smoking has upsides – feels good while you do it, and it suppresses your appetite. So does Twitter. Feels good while you do it, and gives you a feeling of being up to the moment informed.

As a feed of ideas? Sure there were gems, but it was like investing off of 1-minute interval chart patterns. So easy to lose the big picture. The gems from constant vigilance are deluged with dreck and it has only gotten worse with the years. Serendipitous exchanges with people you’d otherwise have no access to don’t happen as often anymore. I tried moving the app off my main screens but it was still a swipe up away. Began to feel like an addiction.

Removing Twitter going into an election was the hardest challenge. The gossip, the up to the minute polls, anecdotes, and voyeuristic frission between partisans is the best part of Twitter.

I found a good replacement for a feed of news and the columns I want to read: Who could I not read on a regular basis there? Friends long since stopped putting up all but the most major personal news. I check Facebook rarely more than 1x a week, and could get such news there. The only real loss – humorous twitter accounts. Wit of David Burge, and satiric tweeters like Nihilist Arby’s. Many — all? — of the deep thinkers I’m influenced by have placeholder accounts at best. Had to at least try a vacation from it.

Deleting Twitter

It’s hard to prove a negative but I don’t think I missed anything. Super important tweets would surface in news coverage.

During the month, I got on the Woovit twitter account on the web, but even there cut back significantly – still posting and replying to comments but this felt like any other customer service.

Unlike Facebook, it’s hard to catch up on nuggets you actually want during long time intervals. I still feel a low burn that it would be fun/interesting to check Twitter. However I didn’t feel a huge urge that having reached December 1 I should dive back in either. It was good December 1 came on a Saturday with the always engaging WSJ weekend edition.

Update Dec 2, to illustrate a great example of Twitter’s problems:

Peter Attia’s email list sent a link to a tweet, of a phenomenal accomplishment: a one-legged woman doing not merely squats, but with weights, capped by a “thruster” in Crossfit parlance. It’s amazing.

So, OK twitter, am I off here? Would there be follow up inspiration? The comments are ludicrous:

And so on. How toxic. What’s the point of being on twitter? I’ll wait for screened tweets from a limited set of sources and try not to fall back into reading comments.

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