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Now We’re Cookin’

I’ve never been interested in cooking. The highest of my culinary advancements in the first 48 years of my life has been making eggs.

That has changed with ButcherBox. That link at least as of this writing gives you and me $30 off and while I feel sheepish about sharing any incentive links the product truly merits it. The basic package is six grass-fed/-finished different cuts of meat for $150. This sounded too good to be true – I’ve been regularly having corn-fed filet mignon at restaurants for $40 or more. I’ve found every cut delicious, and easy to make. The meat arrives in a box, stuffed with enough dry ice to keep the meat cold in shipment.

The quality is so high I look forward to cooking it. The satiety of the previous meal and the prospect of the next one it has made intermittent fasting efforts so far this year easier to abide by.

Of my first two boxes I’ve only botched one cut – a failure to properly defrost sausage before cooking it. Everything else feels like a minor triumph.

It was 30 degrees outside and I still cooked up two 10oz sirlion stakes on the grill. Today was notable because I also cooked a package of their bacon in the morning. Twice in a day, me, cooking?

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