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I can’t think of a good procrastination joke about finding a blog post about procrastination five years after it was published but I just came across: Alex Vermeer, on Piers Steel’s book/website:

Motivation = (Expectancy*Value)/(Impulsiveness*Delay). Each of these variables is pretty self-explanatory. I think Fear deserves its own place in the denominator…maybe the numerator too.

This made me return to his extremely well-thought out flow chart, embedded below (I hope with permission). This should be an app.

I have moved my own habit tracking to the well named app Habits. Free…and ad free to boot. The simplicity of Habits has removed the anxiety of “scoring” how well I’ve done something versus merely doing it. 

Habits is good for the forced constraint. My hand-organized boxes on spreadsheets, or graph paper tend to go very strong  for a bit, but fade from complexity or even inaccessibility. 

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